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Community Recruiting Facts
Choose between Contingency Postings or a Dedicated Contract Recruiter(s)

We want to share our recruiting intelligence with you! Consider a dedicated Recruiter as an interim member of your team.

Free up your time! iRi will do the candidate pre-qualification and recruiter coordination and communication for you.

Our reach extends far and wide. Our recruiting power equals many Search firms combined.
How It Works
How do you want to leverage the expertise of the iRi Recruiter Community? It's up to you. Choose between placing a contingency posting with us or bringing on one or more of our members to work on-site/virtual as your dedicated Contract Recruiter or Project Manager.

Whatever choice you make, throughout the process, iRi communicates your needs to the Community and will pre-screen all candidates prior to presentation to you.

While you have a Community of resources working to find talent for you, iRi will remain your single point of contact.
Contingency Postings
Post single or multiple job openings for all Community members to review and fill. Prior to posting, we will discuss your requirements to ensure the most targeted search results for you.
Dedicated Contract Recruiter
Select a member of our Community to work on-site or virtual as an interim member of your organization on an hourly or project basis. We will work with you to choose the best Contract Recruiter fit for your organization.

* Contact us for more information