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Successful recruiting delivers strong bottom line results.
Money is lost waiting to fill revenue producing positions. How much?

The effects of less than excellent hires can be detrimental to business growth. How long lasting are they? How much does it cost you?

The ROI for obtaining access to a search firm's candidate pool is high and normally overlooked.
What does your bottom line tell you?
Community Recruiting-A Better Way
Community Recruiting is a smarter more efficient way to greatly expand candidate outreach and deliver new talent for organizations. It's more powerful because it is community based. This means that in every search we do, we enlist the know-how and personal networks of not just a few but many independent Recruiters and Sourcers. Our seasoned and diverse Community gets to do what they do best, and our clients receive unmatched recruiting horsepower that delivers strong bottom line results-quickly.
* How It Works
iRi Community - Leading the Way
iRi Community is the first search firm to formally introduce Community Recruiting to the marketplace. And, it is the solution that will give organizations the competitive edge to obtain top level Talent. We believe that we have changed the industry for good.

Compare how iRi Community can help you and your organization move forward with hiring the best talent now.

  Today's Recruiting Gaps Community Recruiting
Retained Search Firms
  • High price tag
  • Lengthy searches
  • Unable to leverage search firms' candidate pool for future needs
  • Cost effective options
  • Ability to leverage Recruiter intelligence and candidate pool even after Recruiter leaves
Contingency Search Firms
  • Limited in candidate reach by firms' singular network
  • Use of multiple search firms to get better match
  • Each of the many Community Members offers his/her unique network
  • Reach is vast
  • Recruiting horsepower of many search firms combined
On Line Job Boards
  • Reactive search
  • Limited to candidates who post resumes
  • 100% Proactive searches
  • Reach passive candidates AND those who may not even be considering a move
Internal Recruiter
  • Internal Recruiters can be overtasked
  • Results in less than perfect match
  • Flexible options to assist
  • Contract Recruiter/Project Manager Community member to join your team
  • Post job openings with Community