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Too busy... but have the right person?
You can make a 25% of the fee for providing an introduction and resume.
Andrea and Carmen
We want you to come back and play with us! Recruiting here is about creating opportunities for all of us to win!
iRi Community

We formed the iRi Community because it's time to move our industry forward. All of the “recruiter networks and groups” in our field provide communication in a disorganized fashion. As a result few really benefit from the spirit of why the forum was originally created.

We are different because we formed the iRi Community for all of us to use on a regular basis. That's right, on a regular basis. Tall order, indeed! We put on our Recruiter hard-hat and built it so that Recruiter needs would come first. Here is a sample of things we included to keep you coming back.

You"ll find :
  • Contract Recruiting Opportunities
  • Contingency Searches you can participate in and be guaranteed 50/50 split.
  • Too busy…but have the right person, you can make a 25% of the fee for providing an introduction and resume.
  • A forum to ask for help when you get stuck
  • A place to share any trends, tools and change in the marketplace.
If we did this right, this Community will become your everyday friend who you check in on to see what's new!

We are offering a vehicle for communication with the hopes that it will be utilized by all of our Community members. It is a tool that we encourage you to use as a place to raise questions and bring trends to the consciousness of our peers.

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